empowering small businesses

Lori Clayson
founder, hr consultant

Mother of one. daughter. sister. friend. business professional.


As an independent HR Consultant and founder of Affinity HR Consulting, Lori offers guidance and support to small business owners in all aspects of Human Resource Management (HR), with straightforward, customized solutions to meet their current and future needs.


Her approachable style generates trust among clients. She is able to develop a respectful, comfortable relationship with business leaders, helping them work through challenging work situations to formulate solutions and workable processes. She also provides HR consulting on for variety of HR challenges. 

Lori is passionate about HR and is committed to continuous education and professional development. She endeavours to remain informed of trends and projected workplace impacts. She is an innovative, ‘big picture’ thinker who is attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail. 

Affinity HR Consulting

Affinity HR Consulting provides best practice knowledge and expertise within the following HR functions:

  • policy development & compliance

  • organizational/workflow analysis

  • job analysis & job descriptions

  • process improvement 

  • recruitment & selection

  • onboarding & orientation

  • performance management

  • employee engagement & retention

  • legislation interpretation

  • collective agreement interpretation & application

  • HR metrics & reporting

  • information management

  • special projects