hr for your business.

Human resources is all about PEOPLE, which makes it one of the more complicated aspects of running an organization. Every policy, process, and procedure put in place has people who will be affected by it, either as employees or as customers. Most small or medium-sized businesses either don’t have the time or the know-how to attempt to understand what their organization needs to tackle HR-related requirements.


HR is not black and white. Employers can encounter many complexities that leave their heads spinning. Let an expert guide you. Below is a list of some HR challenges your business may be experiencing and how Affinity can help.

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challenge 1 - legal compliance

One crucial aspect of good HR is that it can help you deal with unanticipated costs or legal encounters.

The first line of defence in mitigating possible risk is developing policies, procedures, employee handbooks, and keeping track of performance records. The right compliance documents to protect your business and employees from undue risk.

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challenge 2 - finding the right person for the job

When you have a smaller staff, every hiring decision is crucial, and every bad hire a costly mistake.


Updated job descriptions, sound recruitment/selection practices, and taking steps to become an 'employer of choice' will attract and secure the right people for your business. Properly preparing employees for their roles will lower the chances of a bad recruit. Affinity recruits for retention, not just for placement, by knowing the client and knowing the candidate.

challenge 3 - effective onboarding

Without successful onboarding procedures, companies spend a significant amount of money on employee turnover and loss of productivity.


Developing a robust onboarding process increases employee engagement and helps get them up to speed much more quickly. The process embeds your new hire into your organization and ensures continual connection throughout employment, reducing turnover and its associated costs.

challenge 4 - employee development & appraisal

Employee development is often ignored or handled ineffectively. Companies pay a high price: the loss of their top talent and star performers.

Affinity understands the crucial importance of prioritizing your employees'

career development and designing a plan for continual formal and informal feedback on their performance - to their benefit and that of the organization.

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challenge 5 - releasing employees

While most companies understand the importance of a solid onboarding process, many overlook the power of the departing employee.

Developing a systematic offboarding process is vital to protecting your business and extending goodwill to exiting employees. Whether voluntary or involuntary, employment cessation is an opportunity to establish "alumni" as advocates of your organization and contribute its ongoing success.